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The online game have become very famous in the present generation as there are many games with different versions. Also different methods with interesting and attracting features in them. Kids definitely love these games but the interesting fact is that even adults love playing these online games. They give them relief from stress and make them feel much better from their situation.

These games will also have different and number of versions which will also be very popular. People love to play games which are in any number of series. One of such a game which is very popular in USA from 1981 Donkey Kong. There are many versions in this game and one of such a best version is Donkey Kong 64 cool rom. This is the best version among all the other Donkey Kong games. People from all over the world really loved it and enjoyed playing it allots.

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This game was made in 1999 and it is the first version which was released in 3D version when compared to all other versions. This game was also published by Nintendo like all others. This is one of those top most versions with special effects, features and also adventures mixed in it. This Donkey Kong 64 cool rom is definitely a specialized game which is very famous in USA and also among all other people. But this game is very much similar to Mario and this is also one of the 4 reason why people showed very much interest in playing it. As everyone knows Mario was the top most game and even now it has its own place in top most games. It was played by everyone all over world. It will rule all other games for some years.

Donkey Kong 64 Cool gameplay


Steps to play game:

  • In this game unlike others, here there are some extra adventures and features which make it even more fascinating.
  • In this game, the player will have to explore many levels which are completely themed in different ways and the player has to collect the items and also should rescue all of his kidnapped friends from K.Rool.
  • The player should complete all the mini-games which will be popping out in the middle.
  • By successfully completing these games and puzzles and obtain special abilities and also receive bananas and many other collections too.
  • This game has an option of multiplayer mode too, where up to 4 people can compete with each other at a time and it will be even more fun than playing all alone.
  • These four players can compete not only in normal matches but also in death match and last man standing games too.

This game received universal acclaim from any of them people who played it. It was also top seller in 1999 especially during the holiday season. Almost more than 2.3 million units were sold till 2004 and this game also won 1999 E3 Game Critics award. It won for its best platform for all those beautiful versions. It goes without saying that this is very big hit and also famous game.

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