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There are many sports and games in present generation and people really love playing games. Not only kids but adults and elders also love playing game. They keep them free from stress and make then relieve their problems at least for some time. There are many outdoor and also indoor games which are very famous and people love spending their time playing those games. As technology keeps developing on daily basis, these games are completely online. People can actually playa lot of games in their mobile, laptop and also computer.

There are many games with different techniques, features and affects which are made available for free in play store. And some games will be there which should be purchased and can only be played in laptops and computers. One of such a famous game is Donkey Kong and it has been popular ever since 1981. There are many versions were also released based on this game. One of such a version is Donkey Kong 64 emulator. This is one of the best games among all the versions and people actually loved playing this game.

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From all those versions released based on this Donkey Kong this game is the toughest when compared to others and it challenges people allot in different ways. This Donkey Kong 64 emulator version was released in 1990s and it was also very popular as it challenges people in different ways and makes it difficult for them to work on. People loved this game for how it is; it was completely different from other versions. When compared to all other games these emulator games are specially designed to work better when compared to others.

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How to play this game

  • It is very much similar to the regular Donkey Kong game but the only thing which feels difficult is, finding rescinding the princess.
  • In Mario game, we have the option to use hammer which helps us in not blocking the way and also collecting the points easily. But here in this Donkey Kong version, we can collect all different types of items, not only hammer.
  • There are four levels in this game, and you have to reach the end and only at the end of the game, the donkey will fall down and die.

Important facts about the game

  • One of the best versions among all released versions of Donkey Kong.
  • Also it is the toughest game when compared to all others.
  • All other games will not have a correct story and everything will be just like normal game.
  • Here Mario has to overcome all the hardships and also from donkey and should save his girlfriend, the princess Pauli.
  • But the disadvantage here in this game is, it has only four level and after those levels the game theme keeps repeating and ti might be little boring.

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