Donkey Kong Arcade Rom (USA version)

Games and sports are the most common thing which people give utmost importance to. From kids to adults everyone like playing games either it be outdoor or indoor. They do like playing games allot as it gives a kind of refreshment and makes us feel free and happy. Here are many games which are being played. Some of them take these sports as their main motto and dedicate their lives on the game. There are many games which are made completely online as technology develops all such facilities are made available.

People play games in laptops, mobiles and in all kinds of electronic gadgets. There are many games which are very popular and many more versions are also released on them. One of such a popular game released in 1981 in USA is Donkey Kong . Many more versions were released later on it. All those versions also became very popular in their own specialized features. One of such a popular version in Donkey Kong is Donkey Kong arcade rom.

Download the Donkey Kong Arcade ROM

Download the Donkey Kong arcade rom

Donkey Kong is one of those best games which were very famous for quiet long time like many years. By releasing every new version it has become even more popular among all the players and people all over the world. This game earned almost 23 million unit sales just for a single version from 1999-2004. In such a short time it collected huge amount and craze too. This Donkey Kong arcade rom was also one of the versions of Donkey Kong game and this was developed in 1990. This game is very much similar to the main arcade game which was released at the very beginning. Including that, there are some important features which really attract people allot and so this also became one of those popular games.

More interesting facts about game:

  • This game was first developed by Nintendo. The story line for this game series-Donkey Kong is very small but the important thing to be noticed is the game is very well designed.
  • This game doesn’t need any network connection or a plug-in but it is very important to use a new web browser for this game to run properly. This game also supports in java and it will be better even if you have java plugin.
  • These games will really run very much faster and better, only if you have a latest generation computer or laptop.
  • These games are not supported on mobile.

Gameplay Donkey Kong Arcade

How to play the game

  • This game is a complete remake of original copy of Donkey Kong but still this is better in its own specialized features and levels included in it. This game is full of fun and everyone will definitely like and gets addicted to this game very easily.
  • Here the player will be the Mario and cross all the ladders and also use them in order to save the princess who is kidnapped.
  • When you try to climb, the Donkey Kong will be tossing some barrels at you and you will have to escape from all those and mover further.
  • Here you will have to be very quick and should jump over the obstacles. By keep going in this way, the game will be successfully completed.

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