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There are many game series which are very famous and many of us might have already played such games since our childhood. There are numerous games which are very famous and also have many more series in them. The best part about these series is that they get even more interesting from one version to the other. So it makes people enjoy the game completely. It will make sure that all the players will get automatically addicted to all those versions. There are many such games which are very popular and among top rated games.

One of such a very popular game in USA which has been revolving since 1981 is Donkey Kong. There are many versions which have already released and became very popular and many more versions are yet to come. One of such a popular version is Donkey Kong Game boy rom. This has its own best features which makes it unique when compared to all other versions of Donkey Kong.

Download the Donkey Kong Game Boy ROM

Downlaod the Donkey Kong Game Boy ROM for free

Among all the versions which have been releasing since 1981, all those versions are very special and famous in their own fields with their own features and different adventures which are involved in them. All the versions are special in their own way which attracts people in different ways. This Donkey Kong Game boy rom is one such a top most version released by Nintendo.

Steps to play the game:

This game was developed in 1994 and it is a video game, this video game also contains some tricky puzzles in it which are needed to be solved in order to continue further. This game was known as Donkey Kong 94 before its release as it was developed in that year. This Donkey Kong is completely based on the arcade game which was released in 1981 and the sequel of it is Donkey Kong Jr. this game was also very popular and people really liked it.

  • This is the first Game boy version which was released in this Donkey Kong and it includes all the features and adventures which are taken from Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong r, and also super Mario Bros 2.
  • This Game boy is a mixed version of all those games.
  • This game begins with four levels which will be similar when compared to arcade game. Where the Mario should reach the top and save the Pauline.
  • After completing all these four levels successfully, the usual arcade game begins. After some time the victory theme will start and here, it grabs the Pauline and will take it along with it, then Mario will have to chase after that and should catch it no matter what.
  • Once this is completed,it will be declared that, the player completed 97 stages out of total 101 stages. And at the last of this game there will be a Donkey Kong which should be defeated.
  • But all the subsequent levels which follow this game will have a complete different mechanism. Here the player will have to guide the Mario to pass through all the levels and should help it in finding the key.
  • In this way this game will be every interesting and many more stages are yet to come.

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