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Donkey Kong 64 Download

From ages people play different types of game and also many sports. There are many games which were passed down to us and they are also famous even in this present generation. Sports are very famous in all the countries all over the world. Some people dedicate their whole lives for these sports and they actually chose these sports as their profession. So they play lots of sports and win medals for their own country which is a very honorable thing for the whole country. There are many other games which we play in our daily basis.

Outdoor games and also indoor games are very famous and so people play them allot with their own family and friends spending some quality time with them and enjoying allot. As the technology is improving on regular basis, all these games are made available online too which people can play in their mobile, laptop and computer also. All these games are made available for free and so it is very easy for people to enjoy them. Some games do have many versions and they are very popular too. One of such a game which is very popular is Donkey Kong. Read more about the Donkey Kong 64 ROM below.

Download the Donkey Kong 64 ROM files

Download the Donkey Kong 64 Rom files for free

This Donkey Kong game was first developed by Nintendo in 1981. Since then many other versions of this Donkey Kong game were released. The best point is that, all those game became very famous and nearly 2.3 million units were sold off only for a single version in just a span of 4 years i.e., from 1999-2004. All the versio9ns of Donkey Kong are almost same but here are slight differences and extra effects which make them even more exciting and special.

That is the reason why people are really going crazy over these games. One of such famous version in Donkey Kong game is Donkey Kong 64 Rom. This game is very unique when compared to others because it is the first version which was designed in 3D form. This game is loved by all the people who ever played it and it was one of the top most games among all others.

This Donkey Kong games are very popular as they are very much similar to the famous and well known game Mario. Mario is known all over the world as it was played by almost everyone and it is super game which everyone definitely likes that. In Mario game, the player will be acting as Mario and will escape from all the obstacles and barriers and will reach the end of all the levels.

Donkey Kong 64 Rom Game

But here in this Donkey Kong 64 rom game, a donkey will be there which will be stopping the player to move further and here the Mario has to save his girlfriend, princess Pauli. So here Mario should collect all the available items and escape from the obstacle which will be made by donkey and should finally kill the donkey by pushing it till the end and then princess Pauli will be saved. This will be the end of this Donkey Kong game.

Gameplay Donkey Kong 64

Development of game:-

This game was first made in 3D technology in 1990s. This game was first about to be released in 1997 but later due to some circumstances the released was delayed and was directly cancelled.

The game was developed by 16 members and the name was also selected by 8 other team members and then there were some declarations that, it will be released sooner and is expected to be the bestseller as this is the first time a version coming out with 3D technology, when compared to all other versions.

This game has become the best and top most sellers when compared to all other versions and also it has marketing campaign of $22 million for this game alone.

Another reason why this game has got best sales is because it was exactly released in the holiday season time and everyone tried this game so sales eventually went up which was actually more than expected.

It was aid that Nintendo has sold the game for about 4 million copies of this game alone and just by this we can understand how popular this game is and how people actually liked it.

Gameplay Donkey Kong 64 ROM

How to play the game:-

This is very much similar to the Mario game which was very famous in past days. There Mario alone will be running around and collecting all the prices using the hammer and there will be some automatic barriers which will try to stop the Mario from moving further.

Bu in this game, there will be a donkey which will actually try to put some obstacle in front of this Mario and will also try to stop the Mario from moving to the next level in different ways.

But in this game, Mario not only can use hammer alone but will be able to get all other prices also and it can use them in further future in some way or the other.

Here the main motto of Mario is to complete all the levels successfully and should move till the end where it will face donkey.

The Donkey Dies!

Only if the donkey dies, the Mario’s girlfriend will be saved. Princess Pauli is Mario’s girlfriend who will be kidnapped and Mario should save her.

So here only if the donkey dies, princess will be saved. In order to do that, Mario has to move till the end of the game and should complete all the levels successfully and then when it moves to the corner, donkey will automatically fall down and this will result in winning of Mario.

Once donkey dies, Princess Pauli will also be saved and here the game will end. This is very famous game which people actually loved playing it. Both kids and also adults loved this game.

So this is how Donkey Kong game has been evolving ever since 1981 and its craze is till increasing but never gets down. All its versions are also very famous. It’s time to download the Donkey Kong 64 ROM files and start playing, have fun!

Get the Donkey Kong 3 Rom Files for Free

Donkey kong 3 download

Games and sports are very common things which people love doing and spending their time happily. More dedication is given by people who follow these sports. To be honest that’s one of the games specialty. Some think that as their life and profession. People do reach good levels choosing these sports as their career. These days online games are also available people do spend most of their idle time playing these games and enjoy a quality of time with games. In USA there are different games which are even more excited and attract people attentions easily. Even kids love playing those games in electronic gadgets. One of such a famous game which lasted in people heart for a very long time if Donkey Kong 3 Rom. This is one of the best series of games which people played and loved allot.

Download the ROM files

Download the Donkey Kong 3 ROM files for free

Many versions of the game released were based on this Donkey Kong game. People appreciate these things nowadays. Also, this has become one of the topmost game which people played allots. Few versions were made as a combination of some other two versions. This makes the game even more fulfilled and exciting which people like allot. Many people downloaded this game through online and this game has very high ratings too. This Donkey Kong 3 rom is an complete online game. People in all the countries can access it.

Interesting facts about this game

This is the third version which is released among all the other versions of Donkey Kong by Nintendo. Firstly it was released based on arcades and also family computer which was later on released in America in 1986. In this way slowly this game has become very much viral and many of them started liking it.

Download the Donkey Kong 3 ROM files for free

How to play Donkey Kong 3 ROM 

This is a shooter game which will be incorporating the ideas from the space firebird which was an earlier arcade game of Nintendo. And later this game was adapted to the newer version which is even more interesting. Here in this game, Donkey Kong will be hanging from the vies above and which are at the center of screen and the player Stanley who is exterminator in this game will be running and also jumping on the platforms which are beneath him. This player can spray bug fire on both donkey and also all the insects which will be flying around in all the levels.

A bug spray is used on the donkey on the level one stage. That will actually make the donkey to escape from the top of the screen. The game is over when all the insects in the game are killed. Buutthiw spray will last only for a very limited number of slots. Even though it will be available for less time, this really works on donkey in pushing it upwards very fast.

Play Donkey Kong Game Boy Rom Together With Friends

donkey kong 64 emulator

There are many game series which are very famous and many of us might have already played such games since our childhood. There are numerous games which are very famous and also have many more series in them. The best part about these series is that they get even more interesting from one version to the other. So it makes people enjoy the game completely. It will make sure that all the players will get automatically addicted to all those versions. There are many such games which are very popular and among top rated games.

One of such a very popular game in USA which has been revolving since 1981 is Donkey Kong. There are many versions which have already released and became very popular and many more versions are yet to come. One of such a popular version is Donkey Kong Game boy rom. This has its own best features which makes it unique when compared to all other versions of Donkey Kong.

Download the Donkey Kong Game Boy ROM

Downlaod the Donkey Kong Game Boy ROM for free

Among all the versions which have been releasing since 1981, all those versions are very special and famous in their own fields with their own features and different adventures which are involved in them. All the versions are special in their own way which attracts people in different ways. This Donkey Kong Game boy rom is one such a top most version released by Nintendo.

Steps to play the game:

This game was developed in 1994 and it is a video game, this video game also contains some tricky puzzles in it which are needed to be solved in order to continue further. This game was known as Donkey Kong 94 before its release as it was developed in that year. This Donkey Kong is completely based on the arcade game which was released in 1981 and the sequel of it is Donkey Kong Jr. this game was also very popular and people really liked it.

  • This is the first Game boy version which was released in this Donkey Kong and it includes all the features and adventures which are taken from Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong r, and also super Mario Bros 2.
  • This Game boy is a mixed version of all those games.
  • This game begins with four levels which will be similar when compared to arcade game. Where the Mario should reach the top and save the Pauline.
  • After completing all these four levels successfully, the usual arcade game begins. After some time the victory theme will start and here, it grabs the Pauline and will take it along with it, then Mario will have to chase after that and should catch it no matter what.
  • Once this is completed,it will be declared that, the player completed 97 stages out of total 101 stages. And at the last of this game there will be a Donkey Kong which should be defeated.
  • But all the subsequent levels which follow this game will have a complete different mechanism. Here the player will have to guide the Mario to pass through all the levels and should help it in finding the key.
  • In this way this game will be every interesting and many more stages are yet to come.

Download the Donkey Kong 64 Rom

download donkey kong 64 rom


The online game have become very famous in the present generation as there are many games with different versions. Also different methods with interesting and attracting features in them. Kids definitely love these games but the interesting fact is that even adults love playing these online games. They give them relief from stress and make them feel much better from their situation.

These games will also have different and number of versions which will also be very popular. People love to play games which are in any number of series. One of such a game which is very popular in USA from 1981 Donkey Kong. There are many versions in this game and one of such a best version is Donkey Kong 64 cool rom. This is the best version among all the other Donkey Kong games. People from all over the world really loved it and enjoyed playing it allots.

Get the Donkey Kong 64 Cool ROM files

Download the Donkey Kong 64 Cool Rom files for free

This game was made in 1999 and it is the first version which was released in 3D version when compared to all other versions. This game was also published by Nintendo like all others. This is one of those top most versions with special effects, features and also adventures mixed in it. This Donkey Kong 64 cool rom is definitely a specialized game which is very famous in USA and also among all other people. But this game is very much similar to Mario and this is also one of the 4 reason why people showed very much interest in playing it. As everyone knows Mario was the top most game and even now it has its own place in top most games. It was played by everyone all over world. It will rule all other games for some years.

Donkey Kong 64 Cool gameplay


Steps to play game:

  • In this game unlike others, here there are some extra adventures and features which make it even more fascinating.
  • In this game, the player will have to explore many levels which are completely themed in different ways and the player has to collect the items and also should rescue all of his kidnapped friends from K.Rool.
  • The player should complete all the mini-games which will be popping out in the middle.
  • By successfully completing these games and puzzles and obtain special abilities and also receive bananas and many other collections too.
  • This game has an option of multiplayer mode too, where up to 4 people can compete with each other at a time and it will be even more fun than playing all alone.
  • These four players can compete not only in normal matches but also in death match and last man standing games too.

This game received universal acclaim from any of them people who played it. It was also top seller in 1999 especially during the holiday season. Almost more than 2.3 million units were sold till 2004 and this game also won 1999 E3 Game Critics award. It won for its best platform for all those beautiful versions. It goes without saying that this is very big hit and also famous game.

Donkey Kong NES Rom – GBA/ROM (USA) version

Donkey Kong NES Roms


Everyone love playing games and sports. There are different types of games and sports which we can play in our day-to-day life. Kids and also elders love playing games and that is how games are actually made. No matter what type of game it is, they just attract people’s attention and definitely they love experiencing new games. These games are available both outdoor and also indoor. Many outdoor games are actually called as sports and indoor are games which help you increase your brain capability and your focus level. But as technology increases we do have games in our mobile phone and we can play it anywhere and at any time. In USA some games are made different and they attract peoples even more when compared to these games. One of such a game is Donkey Kong NES rom which was actually released in 1981 by Nintendo.

Get the Donkey Kong NES rom files now!

Download the Donkey Kong nes rom for free now

His game has become very famous in very less time and it is really very interesting and challenging to play such a game. This is a single player game and a person even though they play alone it really feels fascinating and challenging to play it. This Donkey Kong NES rom is a video game and it is almost similar to Mario. Mario was one of the popular games and even now it has its own place in market. It is such a fun game that people played it for hours long reaching more levels by defeating and making it even more interesting.

Gameplay Donkey Kong NES

Is Mario similar to Donkey Kong?

  • Mario is a game where a person keeps moving by escaping from all the attacks he will be facing as the levels keep increasing.
  • There will be many boosters for him which helps him in different situations and help him continue the game. But sometimes he dies due to attacks by the evil over there or by getting in contact with any of the obstacle in its way.
  • Here in Donkey Kong there is a gorilla which appears in the game. And this Donkey Kong was the opponent of Mario and this was released in 1981.

Game description

  • There are many versions which are released in the name of Donkey Kong .
  • One such version of this game is Donkey Kong ens.
  • This game is a mixed version of both Donkey Kong and also Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Basically, these both games alone itself they are really very fun to play but now trend has been changed.
  • It has become in such a way that these both interesting and super fun games are mixed together.
  • So here the level of fun just doubled and people really love to play this game.
  • This ens Rom version is highly recommended when it comes to the level of working. Th8is game is really super-fast and works completely fine in any device.
  • This game Donkey Kong is very well known for everyone as the best archery game.
  • Here the two of the Nintendo’s debut hit characters are part of this game.
  • And one of that is Mario and the other is Donkey Kong himself.
  • This game has become such a big hit in very less time.

Play Donkey Kong 64 Emulator (USA) > Nintendo 64

Download Donkey Kong 64 Emulator

There are many sports and games in present generation and people really love playing games. Not only kids but adults and elders also love playing game. They keep them free from stress and make then relieve their problems at least for some time. There are many outdoor and also indoor games which are very famous and people love spending their time playing those games. As technology keeps developing on daily basis, these games are completely online. People can actually playa lot of games in their mobile, laptop and also computer.

There are many games with different techniques, features and affects which are made available for free in play store. And some games will be there which should be purchased and can only be played in laptops and computers. One of such a famous game is Donkey Kong and it has been popular ever since 1981. There are many versions were also released based on this game. One of such a version is Donkey Kong 64 emulator. This is one of the best games among all the versions and people actually loved playing this game.

Download the Donkey Kong 64 emulator

Get the Donkey Kong 64 emulator

From all those versions released based on this Donkey Kong this game is the toughest when compared to others and it challenges people allot in different ways. This Donkey Kong 64 emulator version was released in 1990s and it was also very popular as it challenges people in different ways and makes it difficult for them to work on. People loved this game for how it is; it was completely different from other versions. When compared to all other games these emulator games are specially designed to work better when compared to others.

Donkey Kong 64 emulator android

How to play this game

  • It is very much similar to the regular Donkey Kong game but the only thing which feels difficult is, finding rescinding the princess.
  • In Mario game, we have the option to use hammer which helps us in not blocking the way and also collecting the points easily. But here in this Donkey Kong version, we can collect all different types of items, not only hammer.
  • There are four levels in this game, and you have to reach the end and only at the end of the game, the donkey will fall down and die.

Important facts about the game

  • One of the best versions among all released versions of Donkey Kong.
  • Also it is the toughest game when compared to all others.
  • All other games will not have a correct story and everything will be just like normal game.
  • Here Mario has to overcome all the hardships and also from donkey and should save his girlfriend, the princess Pauli.
  • But the disadvantage here in this game is, it has only four level and after those levels the game theme keeps repeating and ti might be little boring.

Donkey Kong Arcade Rom (USA version)

Donkey Kong 64 Arcade

Games and sports are the most common thing which people give utmost importance to. From kids to adults everyone like playing games either it be outdoor or indoor. They do like playing games allot as it gives a kind of refreshment and makes us feel free and happy. Here are many games which are being played. Some of them take these sports as their main motto and dedicate their lives on the game. There are many games which are made completely online as technology develops all such facilities are made available.

People play games in laptops, mobiles and in all kinds of electronic gadgets. There are many games which are very popular and many more versions are also released on them. One of such a popular game released in 1981 in USA is Donkey Kong . Many more versions were released later on it. All those versions also became very popular in their own specialized features. One of such a popular version in Donkey Kong is Donkey Kong arcade rom.

Download the Donkey Kong Arcade ROM

Download the Donkey Kong arcade rom

Donkey Kong is one of those best games which were very famous for quiet long time like many years. By releasing every new version it has become even more popular among all the players and people all over the world. This game earned almost 23 million unit sales just for a single version from 1999-2004. In such a short time it collected huge amount and craze too. This Donkey Kong arcade rom was also one of the versions of Donkey Kong game and this was developed in 1990. This game is very much similar to the main arcade game which was released at the very beginning. Including that, there are some important features which really attract people allot and so this also became one of those popular games.

More interesting facts about game:

  • This game was first developed by Nintendo. The story line for this game series-Donkey Kong is very small but the important thing to be noticed is the game is very well designed.
  • This game doesn’t need any network connection or a plug-in but it is very important to use a new web browser for this game to run properly. This game also supports in java and it will be better even if you have java plugin.
  • These games will really run very much faster and better, only if you have a latest generation computer or laptop.
  • These games are not supported on mobile.

Gameplay Donkey Kong Arcade

How to play the game

  • This game is a complete remake of original copy of Donkey Kong but still this is better in its own specialized features and levels included in it. This game is full of fun and everyone will definitely like and gets addicted to this game very easily.
  • Here the player will be the Mario and cross all the ladders and also use them in order to save the princess who is kidnapped.
  • When you try to climb, the Donkey Kong will be tossing some barrels at you and you will have to escape from all those and mover further.
  • Here you will have to be very quick and should jump over the obstacles. By keep going in this way, the game will be successfully completed.